Young Statisticians Workshop 2020

30th September and 1st October (two half-days)
Hosted by the Western Australian Branch of the Statistical Society of Australia

(all ages welcome)

The Young Statisticians Network (YSN) is a friendly exchange platform for students and early career professionals (graduated within the last 5-years), working in the field of statistics, with the goal to:

  • Discuss current trends and share news in the field of statistics
  • Provide a space to mingle about stats and data analysis
  • Promote collaborations and career opportunities
  • Support the interests of early career professionals to the wider statistics community in Australia

Meet us in cyberspace!

The YSN WA Branch presents its 11th biennial workshop, this year the event will take place online! This free workshop is open to everyone including non-members.

Confirmed and distinguished presenters come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Environmental informatics
  • Business and economics
  • Consulting
  • Government organisations


  • 30th September 9:30 am to 1:30 pm AWST (finishing time to be finalised)
  • 1st October 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm AWST (finishing time to be finalised)

Call for student and early career presenters

We are looking for professional statisticians and students that are interested in sharing their work and experiences. The presentations should give an overview of your work and the content should be relevant to the wider field of statistics. This can range from introducing new methodologies or application demonstrations to sharing hands-on experience in the application of stats to “real-life data”.

As this is an online event, there will be digital presentations (including posters) in addition to oral presentations. Please the Abstracts section for submission details.


Please register for free on the SSA website. The web-conference event will be streamed with Zoom.

We are committed to provide a positive and inclusive experience for all presenters and other conference members, as such we expect all attendees to follow the workshop’s Code of Conduct.

Invited speakers

Noel Cressie

University of Wollongong

Emi Tanaka

Monash University

R. Nazim Khan

The University of Western Australia

Alex Maund

Australian Finance Group

Anna Hayes

Data Analysis Australia

Brenton R. Clarke

Murdoch University

Ross Taplin

Curtin Business School


Sponsor logos: Statistical Soceity of Australia, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Mudoch Guild


The Statistical Society of Australia (Western Australian Branch) is inviting all Young Statisticians (students and those within 5 years of graduating, excluding career interruptions) to present their work at the Young Statisticians Workshop 2020, to be held over two half-days on 30th September and 1st October 2020. This year’s Workshop will be held online with Zoom. As such, this opens up the opportunity to present a dynamic-online presentation as well as oral presentations.

Young Statistician Oral Presentations should be given in a topic involving statistics and will be given 12 minutes talking time plus 3 minutes for questions. Oral Presentations will be limited. Presentations will be decided on the quality of the abstract and relevance to statistics.

Young Statistician Web Poster Presentations replaces the typical poster-format seen at many conferences. Presenters will be able to present their work in a web-accessible format that can be appreciated in 5 minutes. Examples of possible presentations could be R Shiny applications, video presentations, web pages (optionally with interactive graphics) or a PDF poster. We require that the presentation can be viewed in a web-browser with a publicly accessible URL (not necessarily searchable) or that it can be downloaded as a PDF or PowerPoint file. Separate prizes will be available for web poster presenters.

Specific Web Poster Presentation Advice:

  • Videos should be limited to five minutes. You may either upload to a service such as YouTube or we can upload it on your behalf.
  • PDF and PowerPoint files may be hosted by you or we can upload it for you to our Workshop website.
  • R Shiny Apps will require that you organise hosting on a service such as The Shiny App should describe its statistical context and how it aids communication. We recommend you either use a version control system or keep several working copies of your app, as last-minute changes may break your Shiny App. Please note we will not be able to help with debugging or constructing your Shiny App.
  • Webpages. These could be produced with R Markdown for example. These may be hosted by you or we can upload it for you to our participant Workshop website.
    • These may be interactive such as those including Plotly graphics. We can host these as long as there is no server backend required (you can pass the HTML around to other people and it still works). Please note we will not be able to help with debugging or construction your interactive graphics.
  • For interactive presentations, these should not present a security risk to the viewers. For example, requiring that your software is downloaded is inappropriate, nor should the presentation require Java or Flash Player. This is not an exhaustive list.
  • Please ask the Young Statisticians Workshop Committee if you have any other ideas and wonder if they are appropriate.

See the Example Web-Posters section for potential ideas for your web poster presentation.

Abstract guidelines

Using the provided templates, the abstract body should contain no more than 300 words (excluding title, authors, affiliations and references), and the whole abstract should fit on a single page. Either use the MS Word template or the LaTeX template.

Abstract submission

Please send your abstracts constructed from the templates (docx or tex including PDF) to containing the subject “Abstract submission” to by the due date. On submission, please inform if you are applying for an Oral Presentation, Web Poster Presentation or both. Those accepted for an Oral Presentation may also present a Web Poster Presentation if they feel that it complements their talk.

Oral presentation abstracts due: 5 pm (AWST) Monday 14th September.

Those submitting oral abstracts will be informed whether they have been accepted for an oral presentation by Thursday 17th September.

Web presentation abstracts due: 10 am (AWST) Monday 28th September. The presentation itself should be ready by noon AWST Tuesday 29th September.

Web Poster Presentations abstract presenters will be informed of the outcome by Monday 28th September.

Example Web-Posters

HTML Page produced with R Markdown

This is an example HTML page created with R Markdown in R and RStudio. In this example, we have used Plotly to create an interactive plot, but interactivity is not required.

Video presentation example

This is an example video web poster. This video has been uploaded to YouTube as an ‘unlisted’ video that does not show up in YouTube search results. Style guide The presentation should be within 5 minutes length (acknowledgements and references slide not included in this limit).

PDF Poster

This is an example PDF poster. Download PDF


The Young Statisticians Workshop is being organised by the Young Statisticians Committee led by Deneegan Subramanian. Other committee members include Rick Tankard, Barbara Kachigunda, Torben Kimhofer, David Urginov and Alun Pope.